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Killing Internet Explorer


Microsoft will be killing off the browser that is a household name. We’ve all used it, whether we love it or hate it, we’ve used Internet Explorer at one time or another. – As a local radio DJ put it – even if we just use it to download other browsers. Internet Explorer, the bane of web developers the world over will be retiring. In its place… we don’t know just yet. So far it is being called Project Spartan, but Microsoft is still working on the final name.

Will the next web browser offering (the one that all our Windows operating systems will kindly install for us as a default) be a ground breaker? – Or will it be hit or miss like Microsoft’s OS offerings tend to be (Windows 200: great, XP: not so much, Vista: …Ok, Windows 8: not so much, 8.1: great… and so on)?

We will see.

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Will Your Next OS Scan Your Iris?


If you will be upgrading to Windows 10 it will at least have the capability of doing so. Windows 10 will be featuring what they are calling ‘Windows Hello’ (Uh oh, I’m reminded of a certain little paperclip) which will allow users to unlock their devices using a fingerprint, iris scanner or other biometric security…

What if Your Fingerprint Gets Hacked?


Of late there as been a bit of trash talking passwords. Some claim they are on life support and will soon be obsolete. But in a world without passwords how can we secure our accounts? One answer is biometrics. Some familiar examples of biometrics are fingerprints or retinal scans. It’s genius, no more forgetting passwords,…

The Top Passwords of 2014 Are In!


2014 has been wrapped up – and with the end of the year comes a tallying of the year’s most popular passwords! Among these champions of defense against vicious thieves and scammers are: 12345678 in the number four slot! And then there’s 12345 in the number three position! In at number one is (drum roll)…

Your 2015 IT Plan

Computer Keyboard

  2015 is here! Have you begun the year’s IT planning?   Expiring licenses will need to be renewed. Old systems and technologies will need to be upgraded. Known vulnerabilities will need to be patched up. Unforseen threats will need to be anticipated.   Don’t lose sleep trying to handle it yourself, call the experts…

Bring Your Company to More Devices


Today your customers are freeing themselves from the desktop. More and more users are doing their business on tablets as well as mobile phones. Is your company’s website built to work smoothly on all of these devices? Now is the time to give your business’s website a modern look and modern functionality.     Let…

How Can You Protect Your Privacy?


Protecting your privacy in today’s connected world can be a full time job – at least. You may not be able to go completely dark to the data brokers and others who are out there in the jungle that is the internet, but you can take steps to protect yourself. CBS aired a great segment…

Merry Christmas from RHYNO Networks!


Passwords Are Closer to Being Dead


As reported by Dan Goodin on Ars Technica, Jeremi Gosney, the founder and CEO of Stricture Consulting Group has just unveiled a five server system that is capable of brute force cracking any strong eight character password in about five and a half hours. This is four times faster than previous capabilities. The cluster of…

How Did I Get a Computer Virus?


This question has been iterated more times than I can recall over the years from computer users.  The candid answer is simple.  By using your computer you, the computer operator, allowed the virus in.  Beyond the firewalls and antivirus software the best and last line of defense against a virus is you, the computer operator….