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The Average Cost of a Cyberattack


Individuals and small businesses can take comfort in thinking that it is the big entities that are the primary targets of cyberattacks. But the fact of the matter is no one is immune to attacks. Just how much do cyberattacks cost companies – large or small?

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2013 Data Breach Study each record compromised costs companies an average of $188. That’s $188 per record. Such costs can be especially devastating to smaller firms.

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Read the USA Today article on the costs of cyberattacks here.

Beware of These Dangerous Cyber Attacks


NBC News Tech Security has just posted a helpful article educating users about four dangerous types of cyberattacks that many are falling victim to currently. The article not only describes the cyberattacks but also educates users on how to protect themselves and what to do should they fall prey to such attacks. The article discusses: Ransomware…

Netflix Gift Cards?


Yep. You will soon be able to purchase Netflix gift cards in stores. Netflix hasn’t specified which stores will be selling their cards, or the card denominations, so keep your eyes open!   Read the Huffington Post write up here.

Microsoft to Hone Its Strategy


Steve Ballmer used the term ‘devices and services’ to describe Microsoft, their new CEO is moving away from this a bit and choosing instead ‘productivity and platforms’ as a descriptive term for the company. He states that Microsoft will be working on honing its position in a more mobile world. Read his comments on Mashable…

Heartbleed Backfires?


Fox News reports that security researchers are using the heartbleed bug to target hackers. Private hacker forums can be compromised and conversations where hackers exchange data and information can be snagged and used by anti-malware researchers. Read the entire story here.

How Big is Google Maps?


Big. According to TechFacts it uses 20 petabytes, that’s 21 million gigabytes. Huge.

Location-Based Phone Security Settings?


Via Weeder.org, Apple is looking into developing location-based security settings. If you are using your iPhone at home, connected to your own WiFi network, there is no need for added security features. But out in public, connected to unknown hotspots, these protective measures would then kick in.

Happy 4th of July!


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Lasers on the 4th!


Some areas of the country do not allow fireworks. One such place - Tuolumne County near Yosemite National Park. What do you do if you aren’t allowed to light off fireworks? Move… or – you could watch a laser light show! Read Fox News’ article on this event.

Traveling for the 4th of July?


Jody Halsted is a mom – and an avid traveler who offers up the things that she’s learned over years of family trips. For instance, have you ever had smacos? Tacos are good, smores (of course) are good. Why not put them together? See more on smacos on her Family Camping Tips post here. If…