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RHYNO Networks LLC, Information Technology Services, Auburn, WA

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Seattle it consulting

Your ability to manage, share and communicate data and information to employees, vendors and customers is vital to your business success. Building and maintaining a secure, reliable network and IT infrastructure will help you keep your business running smoothly while improving productivity.

RHYNO Networks offers a complete portfolio of trusted network and IT management services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies while better protecting your critical company data and avoiding expensive downtime. Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive solution, augment your internal IT capabilities or implement a new technology, RHYNO Networks has the services you need.

Our Featured Services

Seattle it consulting

Our Complete Portfolio of Services

RHYNO Networks provides all levels of IT Service and Support. Our IT Services are adjustable from being your on-call emergency IT Support to being your Outsourced IT Department. Our Sales and Technical Teams prefer a proactive approach to overall computer and network health to avoid costly downtime for your organization.

Planning Services

Technical Audits – RHYNO Networks can audit your current IT environment and provide an assessment and recommendations where you could better leverage proven hardware and software to reduce costs, consolidate hardware and better support your business goals.

Network Design & Virtualization – Let RHYNO Networks design your network plan to help you take full advantage of the latest technology innovations in networking and virtualization to help reduce expensive downtime and ensure that you have access to the information you need, when you need it.

Hardware Technology Planning – Computer systems and technology are constantly improving with new features, faster speeds and better systems management tools. RHYNO Networks can help you review and assess the right computer platforms based on your current and future planned needs while helping to lower your IT footprint, reduce costs and better maintain your systems.

IT Project Planning – RHYNO Networks offers custom IT Project Planning services to design and implement those mission-critical IT initiatives you need to strengthen your business and its competitiveness.

Infrastructure Services

Network Installation & Migration – RHYNO Networks has the experience to ensure the smooth installation and/or migration of your network to allow you to readily take advantage of the latest network technologies and solutions with minimum interruption to your business.

Email Solutions & Microsoft Exchange Support – We offer complete turnkey, email solutions (either server or hosted) to meet your specific communications needs. And we’re a Microsoft Certified Business Partner for Exchange solutions, too. We can provide complete services to ensure the success of your Microsoft Exchange implementation, including the integration of remote employees.

Managed IT Service Programs – RHYNO Networks offers affordable Managed IT Services that allow you to better plan and budget your IT expenses and prevent IT problems before they happen, reducing costly, unexpected business interruption and improving productivity. RHYNO Networks offers a range of Managed IT Service programs to meet your needs and budget.

Hardware Installation – Implementing the latest hardware technology can be very disruptive to your ongoing business. RHYNO Networks can help install, test and train your staff on the latest hardware technology in a manner that reduces the risk of business interruption. We’re efficient, knowledgeable and experienced to get it done right.

Website Design – If you’re looking to improve your company website, or build a custom portal for customers, vendors or employees, RHYNO Networks can help with complete website planning, design and implementation services you can rely on.

Security & Risk Management Services

Network Security – Protecting your network from security breaches – both internal and external – is a major concern for most companies today. The risks are real, and could be disastrous for your business. RHYNO Networks understands how to implement secure networks with the latest in alarm monitoring and security controls to help you keep your business running smoothly and safely.

Anti-Spam Protection – Reducing the onslaught of spam into your business is not only vital in maintaining productivity for your organization, but also protects your employees from scams and spoofs that result in billions of dollars in losses each year for companies and individuals. RHYNO Networks can protect your business and employees with powerful anti-spam tools.

Anti-Virus Protection – Even worse than spam, viruses can attack your business, destroy your data, ruin your ability to deliver products or services to customers, and cause disastrous interruption that can literally cripple your business. With new, more sophisticated viruses and worms being introduced all the time, RHYNO Networks protects your business with the latest powerful anti-virus solutions designed to keep a close watch on your network, 24×7.

Software Compliance – Ever-tightening government and industry regulations are placing greater pressure on businesses to continually ensure their compliance for privacy, data protection, tracking, finance and other compliance issues. RHYNO Networks offers software compliance audits and services to help you meet your obligations while reducing your risks.

Secured Customer Portals – Let RHYNO Networks help you build a secure, password-protected web portal that allows customers, vendors or employees to access special services, information and resources that are not available to the general public.

Business Continuity Services

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery – A solid, well-designed data backup and recovery plan is critical for an organization to ensure business continuity during any power outage, weather disaster or other crisis. RHYNO Networks offers a wide range of data backup and disaster recovery solutions and services, from off-site Cloud storage to on-premise disk and tape backup solutions. We’ll help you determine the right backup and disaster recovery solution for your business, with automated backup software solutions designed to reduce the risk of human error, and minimize expensive downtime and lost business due to unforeseen circumstances.

24×7 Emergency Response Services – RHYNO Networks understands that your business may not be able to afford to wait until the morning to solve your critical IT issues. When you’ve got an IT problem that needs resolution fast, you want a reliable service partner who will be there to respond promptly to your immediate needs, no matter when they occur. Our 24×7 Emergency Response Service means you’ll have the peace-of-mind and confidence from knowing that our talented staff is standing by and ready to support your business when you need us.

Seattle it consulting

In order to have a business that runs smoothly, it is imperative that your IT needs are met. If you need Washington computer services, we here at RHYNO networks will do a great job. We have a variety of services to meet your needs no matter the size of your business. For IT services Seattle, don’t bypass us.

Our goals are to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce costs to you. Our IT department can function in whatever way is best for you. You can outsource all your work to us or just use us as your emergency backup. Whatever IT services Seattle are needed, we will be there. Our services are: Infrastructure, which includes installing hardware, installing and migrating networks, website design, and email solutions; Planning, which encompasses IT project and hardware technology planning, network design and virtualization, and technical audits; Business Continuity, including 24/7 emergency services, data backup, and disaster recovery; and Security and Risk Management including anti-virus and anti-spam protection, network security, software compliance, and secured customer portals. As you can see our services cover virtually anything you can think of and for Washington computer services you can’t do better.

For smaller businesses or those just starting out, the planning services are particularly valuable. You may have a great vision for your business and where you want to take it, but need help on the technical side. You don’t want to have a lot of downtime while you look for various people to design your network and website, and then have to find other people to implement it and make it work correctly. Since everything can be done in-house, this saves critical time and money and frees you up to grow your business. Larger companies may find the security features very important as it is extremely difficult to stay on top of security in a large corporation. Security breaches can be very damaging, not to mention costly, so you want to make sure you have top-of-the-line security.

For IT services that are both efficient and cost effective, look no further.