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VMware vSphere Hypervisor is based on VMware ESXi, the hypervisor architecture that sets the industry standard for reliability, performance and ecosystem support. VMware vSphere Hypervisor is the easiest way to get started with virtualization—and it’s free. Consolidate your applications onto fewer servers and start saving money through reduced hardware, power, cooling and administration costs. With VMware vSphere Hypervisor, you can:
  • Run multiple applications on a single server
  • Run a greener datacenter and reduce energy costs
  • Back up and recover applications more easily
  • Virtualize even business-critical applications

Get Easy-to-Use Production-Ready Virtualization

Save money on hardware, power and cooling costs and run a more responsive datacenter. VMware vSphere Hypervisor delivers unmatched levels of performance and reliability while reducing IT costs.

Create virtual machines quickly and easily with the menu-driven startup and automatic configurations or import a virtual appliance (a prepackaged virtual machine) from the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace. You can also deploy servers that have VMware vSphere Hypervisor preinstalled to experience true “plug and play” virtualization.

Consolidate with Peace of Mind

Deploy a mature hypervisor technology that runs in tens of thousands of customer environments. Most hypervisors in the market today rely on a built-in operating system to perform core virtualization tasks such as allocating hardware resources to the various virtual machines that run on top. This means that your virtual machines are only as reliable as the built-in operating system. VMware vSphere Hypervisor installs directly on the physical server and has no reliance on a general purpose operating system. The ESXi architecture allows you to avoid the security hardening, user access control, anti-virus tasks and patching associated with a typical operating system. This can lead to 10 times fewer patches, 95% reduced disk footprint, and a significant reduction in management overhead.

Deliver Enterprise Performance to Your Applications

Run email, databases, ERP and other resource-intensive applications on VMware vSphere Hypervisor’s bare-metal architecture offering advanced memory management and record-breaking performance. You can also choose from the broadest range of supported guest operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Netware, Solaris and more.

Save More Money than with Other Hypervisors

Get higher consolidation ratios with VMware vSphere Hypervisor. The memory and CPU scheduling optimizations in VMware vSphere Hypervisor let you run virtual machines at twice the consolidation ratio possible with other first-generation hypervisors. Fewer servers means more cost savings.

Manage VMware vSphere Hypervisor from Anywhere

Get point-and-click management for your vSphere Hypervisor host and its virtual machines using the intuitive graphical interface of VMware vSphere Client. Take snapshots of your virtual machines and roll back changes when testing patches or updates, monitor performance and resource utilization, and perform basic hardware monitoring.

Upgrade Seamlessly to VMware vSphere When You’re Ready

Upgrade to more advanced editions of VMware vSphere to deliver improved service levels and operational efficiency by enabling centralized management, live migration of virtual machines, automatic load balancing, business continuity, power management, and back up and restore capabilities for virtual machines. VMware vSphere is available in multiple editions including two kits specifically designed for small businesses. Upgrading from VMware vSphere Hypervisor to more advanced editions of VMware vSphere is as simple as adding a license file.